13 February 2008

...java java java java java...

I'm currently participating in the "Coffee/Tea/Cocoa Round 5" swap on Craftster. I'm gonna go ahead and post this even though my partner hasn't received yet, and we'll just hope she doesn't see it before she does.

Here's the sampler I stitched and framed. My partner cited this as one of her favorite quotes. :-)

Here are the note cards I made by taking a picture of the sampler (two for one! woo hoo!).

Here's the pouch that looks like a coffee cup. (I'm thinking I might start selling these. Thoughts?)

And here's everything together (I'm also sending her some alcohol-flavored coffee). Yay!


Norman said...

An awesome swap set. And you should totally sell those pouches!

Katie said...

That's pretty great. I'm also a big fan of "Behind every successful woman there is a substantial amount of coffee."

Dorathea said...

if corperations or whatever can sell purses that look like high-heeled shoes and guitars, you can certainly sell cute little coffee cup pouches!

kyle said...

cup pouch= cool.