21 February 2008

Please don't judge me.

Awhile ago I promised that I would share my attempts at block printing with you, whether they were or were not successful. That promise, combined with a personal resolution to stop being afraid of looking like an idiot in front of other people, lead me to share the following -- my first, really embarrassing attempt at carving for block printing:

Now, hopefully some of you are saying to yourselves, "Self, what's she talking about? That looks awesome!" Well, that's what I was thinking until I'd gotten that far (which is to say, almost done, after about 30-45 minutes of meticulous carving), and started thinking about how great it was going to be when I stamped this onto the envelopes I'd made out of grocery sacks. And then it hit me in a flash -- those words should be backwards.
So I stopped carving, inked up what I had so far, and stamped it onto another piece of rubber.

After another 30-45 minutes, I finally came up with this:

Which happily yields this:

which is exactly what I was going for. :-)


Norman said...

I think it's very brave of you to admit the error. Plus, the final result is sweet!

Jenny said...

Looks great! :-)

Paula B said...

I started laughing the minute I saw that print block because I've done EXACTLY THE SAME THING. Only I didn't catch it right away, and ended up wasting a bunch of really expensive ink and paper.

Dorathea said...

I didn't catch on until you said the words should be backwards. Then I laughed at myself. The finished product does look great. I'm impressed!