04 February 2008

"Happy Hill? Sounds like a mental institution."

This weekend the husband and I went to the wedding of one of my extended family members at Happy Hill Pentecostal Church in Ramona, OK. It was a good excuse to see some immediate family members who live far away. I took pictures of all the really important stuff at the wedding and reception, as you'll soon discover.

There was a room in the church (the lobby, perhaps?) that contained an eagle and a cowboy, each carved out of a log, a stuffed buffalo head mounted on the wall, a bench, and several fake ficuses. Here's us with the cowboy (who kind of looks like McGruff the Crime Dog):

And us with the buffalo head:

Moving on, we discovered the church bulletin board. Here are the all-important American Family Association Voter Guides. Note the proliferation of "NO"s on the Democrats' sheet, and the large concentration of "NO"s in Mitt Romney's column.

Also, apparently Satan is having a revival in Branson:

The bulletin board also had this important announcement:

which wouldn't have been all that amusing had this not been the spread at the wedding reception:

Left-overs, anyone?

And here are my brothers looking like well-dressed dorks:

Like I said, I made sure to cover all the important things. If I happened to leave out anything vital, ask about it in the comments.


Dorathea said...

heehee, I want to paint some sort of mural around the buffalo head so that it truly looks like the buffalo is coming out of the wall and is going to have a nice chat with everyone in the room.

me3020 said...

wow! I love the cowboy! haha.

Katie said...

Nice buffalo.