04 August 2009

Craft Room, Finale

Well, the craft room is completed. I mean, there's still some stuff sitting around in piles, but that's how it'll be anyway, so I'ma call it done.

Here's how it looked with all the fabric piled up in it before I put it all away.

I should have taken photos as I was sorting the fabric, but I just wanted to get it done!
I sorted them into types and then decided where each type would go. As I put them away, I took out what I didn't need (OK, what I didn't want), and set it aside for garage sale or the supply shop.

And here is the finished product!

That's right, I'm already crafting. I was desperate to make some more cloth wipes and diaper covers for Lucy. After that, new personal hygiene products for me, about 4 months worth of mending, more shipping envelopes, and more Scrabble coasters. Whew! Lucy, you best get to taking longer naps!


Dorathea said...

Yay! Very nice. And you need a little chaos to the order of things. It keeps life from being deceptively boring.

Dorathea said...

Oh, did you happen to find that one book in all your sorting?