16 August 2011

The Epic Move, Part 1: Load 'Em Up

I debated about this, but finally decided, yes, I should write a series of blog posts about my family's recent epic cross-country move, if only so that we have a record of it. A few short weeks ago we moved from Oklahoma to far northern California (job related, of course). We gave our stuff to a freight company and set out in our car: Husband (driver), me (navigator), Toddler (alternating between napper and whiner), and almost too much stuff to fit on the inside of the car. Five days, four nights. Epic.

Moving Day dawned bright, hot, and early. For those unaware, it's been over 100 degrees in central Oklahoma almost every day for the last 3 months. Yet even with the threat of ridiculous heat, we had 12 (TWELVE!) friends and family members come out to help us load stuff onto the semi. (Broadway Express -- recommended!) We had all the loading done in under 3 hours.

[This awesome kid is in middle school.]

[How many Oklahomans does it take to shrink wrap a dining table?]

[Good, sweaty work, guys!]

After everything was on the truck, the driver discovered that... it wouldn't start! I was uncharacteristically calm about this. Hey, it wasn't my truck! But as it turns out, we neglected to fill out some important paperwork (due to Broadway Express's lack of text wrapping in e-mails -- it's 2011, people!). A friend rescued us by running home to print off the forms. We got it all filled out, and then... the truck started! Thanks for stalling for us, truck!

Then there was some cleaning, then there was a Farewell, Braums! Party. (Braums Ice Cream and Dairy Stores, for those of you not in the know -- they have the best, freshest milk that's ever been pasteurized, really tasty ice cream, and fair-to-middlin' burgers and fries.)

[Can you tell she never gets ice cream?]

["My-ole!" as Lucy says.]

Then friends dispersed. Then more cleaning. Also buying bagels and ice for the road. That was a really long day. We slept on an air mattress and entertained Lucy with the laptop + Netflix Instant. As I recall, we went to bed at a fairly decent hour, although I had real trouble sleeping, between the PVC fumes from the (new) air mattress and the bleach fumes from cleaning the bathroom. (I am an HSP, after all!) But no matter -- tomorrow begins the driving!

[The air mattress, before quite everything was loaded onto the truck.]

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Kelly said...

Keep the posts coming. I love hearing stories. :)