23 August 2011

The Epic Move, Part 3: Albuquerque to the Grand Canyon

OK, to be honest, all the driving days are now starting to run together. So I'll just have to go off the extant documents -- the photos.

In New Mexico (I guess) we saw some really cool dust devils!

My arm seems a lot longer inside the car. (And I did a lot of twisting and reaching to accommodate backward-facing whiny child.)

The drive up to the Grand Canyon from Flagstaff looked like this, so we were a little afraid we'd get rained on when we got there.

But eventually it cleared up and looked like this! (BTW, it takes for. ever. to go through the gate and pay for a pass to get in. Do you know why? Because the stupid sign says they strongly prefer debit/credit cards, so the people in the booths have to swipe a card and get a signature for almost every car going through. When we got up to the window and paid with exact change, the attended thanked us profusely and said she was so tired of running cards. So somehow people are supposed to deduce that a sign that says "Credit/Debit Card Preferred" actually means "Exact Change Preferred" or perhaps "No Change Given". Duh, signwriters. Duh. In short, if you're going to visit, buy a pass in Tusayan and you can drive right through in the fast lane.)

["I want to push!"]

[A photo of people taking photos of the Grand Canyon. Because I'm meta like that.]

It's really, really hard to take a bad photo of the Grand Canyon. All my photos (from my cheap little point-and-shoot) turned out lovely.


[Thanks, Eastern European Tourist Man!]

That's right -- coins can kill! Not because when you throw them they'll hit someone on the bottom on the head. Not even because when you throw them they'll hit a California condor on the head. No, it's because of that one time when a condor got zinc poisoning. Yep.

We actually stayed the night in Williams, AZ, which is kind of a hole with expensive gas. All in all, a good day as I recall. The Grand Canyon is really big.

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