26 August 2011

The Epic Move, Part 4: Arizona to Bakersfield

And then we kept driving. Again.

We came across this. Norman thinks it needs a ",Batman!" added to the bottom, while I thought it sounded like the name of a fat, corrupt Southern politician.

Then we got to California, which is very large.

And the Pacific Time Zone, which we had kinda already been in, because Arizona does not observe Daylight Saving Time.

We had to stop, get inspected, and wake up our toddler. ::grumble grumble:: Our apples were certified gypsy moth-free!

We stopped at one of the most tacky, crowded, chintzy tourist traps I've ever seen. It was a McDonalds made out of train cars that also had stalls selling cheap jewelry, stuffed animals, fudge, pretzels, lottery tickets, etc, etc. It was annoying. We came across this, which I thought was awesome! While I was looking and photographing, Lucy was standing directly behind me no matter which way I moved, peaking around, clinging for dear life to my shirt. I've never seen her so freaked out (except for when she sees Geoff Peterson). Norman noted that she does not do well with the Uncanny Valley.

When we rolled into Bakersfield, we made sure to find an In-n-Out burger. None of us had ever eaten at one, but of course we've heard all the marvelous things about it.

[She loves french fries.]

[Om nom.]

[One of the hidden Bible verses I'd heard so much about.]

The verdict:
Then we found our Super 8, did some laundry, tried to get the internet to work, and figured out what we wanted to do the next day in San Francisco!!

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Missy said...

Haha! I totally live in Bakersfield. It's got a certain charm but after living here my whole life, I am eager to live somewhere a bit less smoggy.