19 August 2011

The Epic Move, Part 2: Norman to Albuquerque

Day One of driving also dawned bright and early. (Actually, you can just assume that all the days were bright and early from here on out.) We packed everything in the car (barely), and took one last look around before locking our keys inside the house. It felt weird to be without a house key, and therefore technically homeless.

We stopped off at Norman's family's house on the way out of OKC. I had to open my big mouth and say something about how accidentally loading their vacuum onto our moving truck and not noticing until the truck was gone could be the one thing that goes wrong on the trip! We said our good-byes, got in the car, and got about an hour and half outside OKC when Norman noticed that he couldn't find his phone. Upon calling his parents, we discovered that around the time I was jinxing us by talking about the vacuum, Norman's phone was jumping out of his pocket, into his parents' couch cushions. Yep. We decided to have them ship it to us so it would arrive the first full day we would be in Arcata. (Spoiler alert: Everything turned out fine.)

[Hello, Texas.]

[Somewhere in the middle of the Texas panhandle. Kinda nice, eh?]

[This sign made us laugh.]

[A fancy rest stop in Texas. We assembled and ate our lunch sandwiches inside because it was so hot outside. We looked like weirdos.]

This place is in Adrian, Texas, the self-proclaimed midpoint of Route 66. (That sounds more cynical than I intended. It's just that all the signs and businesses in the entire town seem to refer to this fact.)
[Fran seems to run a very tight ship.]

[And of course when we drove up, it was closed.]

The day ended at an America's Best Value Inn in Albuquerque. (We highly recommend this chain of motels, by the way. We stayed at 3 different ones along the way, and they were all cheap, clean, and safe.)

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