08 November 2006

Bartering - a throwback to a simpler time

K Mac asked me last Friday if I could make her a purse. I said "Well yeah, that's what I do." Not really. I said something along the lines of "Probably. What did you have in mind?" Well, we worked it out, and in the end, I'm one jar of natural, no-sweatener-added applesauce richer, and as soon as I give her the purse, she'll be one awesome clutch wristlet richer. Woohoo! Norman calls this "Double Coincidence of Wants". Kelly and I call it bartering. Here's the purse:

And here's the applesauce:

Hooray, bartering!


Dorathea said...


that's all I have to say

Jenny said...

Bartering is a wonderful thing that should be utilized more often in this day and age. :-) I got your package! Thank you sooooo much! The "Jessie's-Hobby/Business-Stickered-Sewing-Kit" is lovely. :-) Also, the note card kit is wonderful idea! So many possibilities! Only one suggestion: you might include the same amount of envelopes as cards. :-) I'll shall soon get to card-making! ...Hopefully not to the detriment of my homework... ;-)

samann1121 said...

Haha... I'm glad you got the package! Funny thing about the number of envelopes... I was putting the whole thing together, picking out ribbon colors, la la la... I wrap the whole thing up, address it, take it to the post office the next day, everything's going well. Then I'm doing something else later that evening, and I find an envelope that shouldn't be where I found it. I thought for about two seconds and then said "Crap!" Out loud. Yeah. Someday I'll send you that other envelope. If not, you can get it when you come back. :-)

Jenny said...

:-) I understand completely. I do that more often with my entire mind, rather than envelopes...