02 November 2006

Thrifty Goodness

I went to Minnesota last week. Traveling to towns you aren't usually in is a great way to clean up at the local thrift stores. It's all new to you. Here's my inventory from the Fairmont, MN Salvation Army and the Mankato, MN Salvation Army:

33 zippers in original packaging - 5 cents each on sale
3 crewel embroidery kits and a calico flower making kit (for sale at My Etsy Shop)
pink paisley shirt (it's a lot cuter than it sounds) - free
denim-y colored long-sleeved tee - $2
shirt for Norman - $2.50
assorted vintage fabric
bag of approx. 20 neck ties - $4.50 (for Norman's new Christmas stocking - pictures to come)
5 embroidered ladies' handkerchiefs - $1.25
Twin flat sheet that looks like a Twister mat
Assorted cotton thread (plan to use for tatting)
approx. 50 vintage envelopes - $1.00
other assorted envelopes - crazy cheap (can't remember)
145 travel sewing kits - $4.50 - They look like big matchbooks. I'm going to put my website on them and give them out -- like business cards but better.
assorted lace and findings, including D rings and some tailor's chalk (yay!)
book for turning into a journal

But the best thing ever is the dark gray, wool, perfect fit, silver buttons, pea coat that I got for -- that's right -- free. It had a red tag. Apparently Thursday, Oct 26 was Red-Tags-Are-Free Day. Minnesotans are crazy.

Needless to say, there's quite a bit of crafting that will result from this bounty. I have a much more reliable computer now, so I'll try to keep you updated.