03 November 2006

Magic Sticker Maker

While I was in Minnesota, I mentioned that I was thinking about buying a Xyron sticker maker. My 16-year-old brother Henry piped up and said "I still have Jake's old one that he left me. I never use it. You want it?" He got it out, and lo and behold, it's an older version of the Xyron 250, which they apparently used to bill as the "Magic Sticker Maker". All signs point to the fact that a Xyron 250 refill cartridge will fit in it. I'm very excited.

Sticker maker:

Here are some stickers I made out of some vintage wallpaper that I cut up:

And here's a fabric sticker (Ooooo, ahhhhh...)

If I were you, I would expect the amount of stickers produced to increase dramatically, and then I would expect to see them for sale in sets and in card-making kits on my Etsy shop. But that's just me.


Dorathea said...


are you going to make stickers for your sewing kits you said you'd give away like business cards only better?

can I come over and make stickers with you? :-D

Jenny said...

That's just awesome. I want a stickered sewing kit. :-) I miss bountiful low-priced thrift stores... There is apparently one secondhand clothes store in Castellon, but I haven't been able to check it out yet.