15 November 2006

Pimp My Stocking

I've just completed Norman's new Christmas stocking. It's made out of neckties. We're starting afresh -- new family, new stockings. Mostly, this is because I hate mine from childhood. I actually kinda wish I had one like my mom's. It's pretty sweet. But I don't have a picture of that. Or my old one. Or my new one, because I haven't made it yet. But what I do have is a picture of Norman's new one. Here ya go:

I satin stitched his name on with my sewing machine. It's not quite as elegant as I would have liked, but the other alternative would be to pay $10 to have it done professionally on a monogram machine. And I'm cheap. Here's the inside:

Yep, that's a pocket. Norman requested it. He figured as long as I was making a stocking from scratch, it might as well be pimped out (my words, not his).

Also, the little loop to hang it from is made out of a necktie tag. Yeah. Totally pimped.

Mine's going to be corduroy. I'll post pics when it's done.

1 comment:

Dorathea said...

cool stocking!
but, what the heck! pimped out?