25 October 2008


A little background: I was raised to hate cats. Cats are horrible, diseased, sneaky, evil creatures. They don't need you, they do their own things, and they'll give you ringworm. Cats bad. Dogs awesome.

Now, while I still agree that cats are sneaky, I'm not so sure about the other things. Dogs are great -- they're kind of like young men in love. Completely goofy and willing to do anything you ask of them. Cats are more like girls -- they'll never just come out and say anything, and you kind of have to chase them if you want them. I think there's room for both animals in this crazy world of ours.

That said, cats are still sneaky, so the only kind of cat I could ever see myself owning is a black one. Because then they're not pretending.

That brings us to this little guy.

This is not my cat. He belongs to the neighbor across the backyard from us. Sadly, this is the same idiot neighbor who couldn't figure out how to take the dying battery out of his smoke detector, so he just took it off his wall and put it outside his back door. In the fall -- during window-opening season.






So the cat is his, but most of the time he lets the cat loose in the backyard, and for some strange reason, the cat likes to come visit us. (And by "strange" I mean, we give him milk and play with him and pet him.)

He's been the highlight of my days for the last week. And he's growing so fast! So I took some photos.

And this is just a cat! Who isn't mine! You might want to run before the actual baby gets here...


Norman said...

"Dogs are great -- they're kind of like young men in love."

Priceless line, right there.

Katie said...

Does this describe your situation at all? http://xkcd.com/231/

samann1121 said...

Wow! Yeah, that definitely covers part of it.