15 October 2008

My Mike Hat

Today is October 15, 2008. And it's finally cold. Mmmm... Cold weather is my favorite. A friend offered to bring me food for dinner, but I told her that I wanted to go out so I could get all bundled up. She thought that was weird.

I made this hat going on 3 years ago. Even though I don't like knitting, I really wanted a hat just like this, so I suffered through it and got it done.

The hat makes me so happy. Today I got it out of its drawer, put it on my head, and sighed. My head just feels better when the hat is on it. Perfect.

And now, some history.

Mike Hat Retrospective:

Engagement -- Dec 15, 2005

Christmas in Minnesota -- 2005

Pizza -- March 12, 2006

Silly married people -- Jan 21, 2008


Jenny said...

Yay for the Mike Hat!!

bammers said...

Okay, I wasn't exactly weirded out...I mostly was cold...

Thanks for dinner!

GrandmaToots said...

Now you need to make Bun a mini Mike Hat!

Katie said...

Sweet. I miss that hat. And the head under it.