17 October 2008

What I Did During My Morning Sickness

by Jessie Maynard

Morning sickness is not any fun. And it is not only in the morning it is also at night and in the afternoon. It is all day long. During my morning sickness I did three things.

First I laid on the couch. My couch is very comfortable and the pillows are squished just right. I laid on the couch in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night. Then I went to bed.

Secondly I watched TV. First there is "Today", then there is "The Price is Right". After that Rachael Ray comes on, and then the noon news. Then there was "Law and Order: CI" but it got replaced with Bonnie Hunt and now I am sad. Then there is nothing on and I take a nap. Then there is "Jeopardy!" (The exclamation mark is part of the name.) Then there is more news. I wish I had cable.

Thirdly, and most importantly, I made lavender heart sachets. I have attached a picture at the end of this essay. I could sit and trace and cut and stitch and fill without getting up off the couch. That was the most fun thing I did during my morning sickness.

In conclusion, morning sickness is not fun. I laid on the couch, watched the TV, and made sachets. That part was fun.

The End


bammers said...

Well, at least there are lavendar satches...right???

I am sorry that you were sick today.

samann1121 said...

Oh no, this was a while ago. Like back in Aug/Sep.