29 October 2008

Fabulous New Christmas Cards

It's late October. Ya know what that means -- time to start thinking about Christmas cards! I realize you might be in denial about this fact, but it's true.

In fact, I've been thinking about Christmas cards since mid September. But that's because I get to make them for you!

Here's a whole new batch of cards similar to some I made last year:

And here, for the first time in the blogosphere, are the new Christmas cards!

These are called "My Favorite Things", just like the song from The Sound of Music. They're all very 3D and adorable. These are limited edition, which in this case means I made 15 sets of these beauties and I'm not making any more. Ever. So if you fancy them, you'd best get on it!

Also, I realize that these cards are not strictly Christmas-y, but I think that's part of the appeal!

What are some of your favorite things? :-)

Mine = funky-colored corduroy, my copy of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, baked goods with pumpkin in them (Not quite as poetic as Maria's...)


Jenny said...

Green growing things (of the plant variety, not mold), shortbread, hymns, and your cards!


Brigid said...

Those are adorable, Jessie!

My favorite things are chocolate, baby animals, and cuddle time. :)

GrandmaToots said...

Dr. Seuss books, baking bread (and eating it), and Christmas music! Great cards, btw...

sweetheartville said...

Love the "Favorite Things" cards so much! Some of my favorite things are Constant Comment tea, bluegrass music, rhinestones, coconut cake, and when my little one says, "I wub you".