11 October 2008

Curb Shopping, Week 2

"What?" you ask. "Did I miss Week 1? Dang Google Reader! It's broken!"

No, your Google Reader is not broken. There was no Week 1 post. This is because after 2 hours of cruising around Norman looking for goodies, we came home with exactly one plastic storage drawer and no commodes. What's up with that? (Yes, I know I should be rejoicing that the residents of Norman are coming to their senses and reusing, or at least donating, their older possessions instead of sending them to the dump, but I really wanted some free things.)

This week, however, the haul, though small, was more encouraging.

1.) Plant pots. In particular, one large, attractive, lightweight pot for repotting my pineapple. Jenny, it's getting so big!!

2.) A box of 6 large, wooden cigar boxes! Excitement! This will be great for crafting, or displaying crafts, or selling to others for their crafting.

Also.... COMMODE!!!!

(The commode phenomenon is explained here.)

Numero Uno:

Numero Dos:

No tanks. Weird.

We also, unfortunately, had to witness this:


Jenny said...

Yay for curb shopping! Doesn't happen here....everyone already reuses or recycles everything... Oh well.

I'm excited about the pineapple! If it ever produces fruit, you have to send pictures!

Katie said...

YAY for curb-trolling