10 July 2009

Craft Room, Part 2

As promised, here are the photos that I took of the craft room yesterday. The first photos can be seen here.

I put some more stuff on the desk hutch, and moved some plastic drawers out of the corner.

Cleared some stuff off the giant shelf, and got my yarn collection into those drawers in the corner.

Moved the shipping supplies in the closet over to make room for the tower of plastic drawers. Hopefully they will eventually hold all my finished inventory.

The big thing I did last night (that you won't be able to see in photos) was moving all the fabric to the garage and all the everything else into the craft room. I decided that I would put everything besides fabric in place and then fill in the holes with fabric. Otherwise there were just too many options.

More progress reports as progress happens -- the sewing machine should go up soon!

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