09 July 2009

Craft room!

What's that you say? You haven't heard from me in two months? Well, I hope you'll forgive me when I explain that I had a baby and moved across town. Now, in my time in Norman, OK, I've moved across town four different times, but this was very different. Babby means that just keeping the new (nicer, bigger) house clean takes up a lot of my free time. So although we've been here for over a month, there are still quite a few boxes lounging about.

However, this last weekend my fabulous husband got all the furniture in my craft room (!!!) in place. This means I can get everything else in order in little bits and pieces as I have time. Which means you -- you lucky blog reader, you -- get to watch the progress as it unfolds.

I should've taken photos before, when everything was just piled in there, but it was really depressing to look at.

So here's the first set of photos:

Looking across the room from the door

This is everything that was done by Monday night. Tomorrow I'll post the photos I took this morning.


Missy said...

Looks like a nice place to work on your stuff!
Congrats on the baby as well :)

Katie said...

That is so great.