02 October 2009

Extreme Makeover: Freezer Edition

I recently acquired a large amount of meat. And turkey broth. The meat came from my mother-in-law and an Angel Food order. The turkey broth came from some of the meat from my mother-in-law. So I'd just been throwing stuff in there whichever way it would fit. Not good, my friends. Don't ever do this.

So in order to cook and grocery shop efficiently, I decided it was time to reorganize. I also didn't have anywhere to put the turkey broth, which I made because I didn't have anywhere to put a whole turkey. Oops.

Between my kitchen table and the extra card table I set up for the occasion, everything was out of the freezer and in plain view. I wrote down everything and then put it all back, but better. Much better stacking. Much better use of door rack space. And somewhere to put my broth.

Hopefully I will remember to actually scratch things off the inventory as I use them. Ha. Probably not.

(And yes, I realize this post is much less compelling than it would have been with before shots. Again, oops.)


Dorathea said...

I was trying to figure it out thinking those *were* the before shots, and I was confused, because I was thinking 'that doesn't look too bad to me.'

password: culness. which makes me think of 'clueless,' which is a fairly accurate description of myself right now. :)

Katie said...

Oh, so many good intentions