27 October 2009

Babby Semiversary

The Babby (AKA, Baby Lucy) turned six months old yesterday. That's right, in just six months, she's gone from looking like this:

To looking like this:

She's got the rocking/lunging thing down, so crawling is quite imminent, I fear. She was very skinny for the longest time, but she has slowly but surely developed some nice, healthy baby chub around the thighs and face. Yay! As of yesterday, her stats are 16 pounds, and 27 inches long.

Yesterday also marked six months of (near)exclusive breastfeeding for me. I'm pretty sure I deserve presents. OK, not really. I'm just doing my job, and it hasn't been that bad. Here's to another six months of breastfeeding and beyond!

(What's that you say? "What does '(near)exclusive breastfeeding' mean?" Oh yes. For the last two weeks or so, we've been putting Lucy in her highchair at dinner and giving her some of whatever we're eating, so long as it is not a grain and won't make her choke. Sunday she actually swallowed some banana! She's still not a real big fan of these funny-tasting toys. But that's OK! We've got all the time in the world...)

So yeah, I'd say we're getting along.


Heather said...

aw, she looks so sweet! It is amazing how fast they grow....I used to have a baby, and now Ive got a kid!

Brigid said...

That third picture of her is adorable and hilarious. Good work on raising such a lovely, healthy baby.

GrandmaToots said...

Yay "baby chub"!! You're a great mom; keep it up. I can't wait to hear she's crawling!!!!!!

Katie said...

Happy half-birthday Lucy!

Dorathea said...

How in the world did I miss this post???!!
yay for reader, even if it doesn't tell me there are comments.

sigh. I like this post.