06 October 2009

Garbatrage, October 2009, Week 1

Garbatrage 2009 has begun.

Here's our haul from this last weekend (Brookhaven and surrounding neighborhoods). We went out Friday evening, but not Saturday morning. I had a slight cold, and the neighborhood's not really the best for curb shopping.

Some baskets, a cooler, and (to Norman's great delight) tiny orange traffic cones.

Some 3-ring binders, a muffin tin, and other miscellany.

A box of books (I saved out Mr. Popper's Penguins, Ramona Forever, and a beat up hardback copy of Huck Finn.

Two large boxes of clothes. This photo is of the clothes, washed and dried, which will be garage saled (garage sold?).

Here's what I've saved out for Lucy from the boxes of clothes. (I was also able to give a few pieces to a friend for her kids -- part of what I love about garbatrage!) And, oh my gosh, that tiny purple floral? Corduroy overalls! Adorable!

A box of craft supply-types, out of which I saved...

A nice stack of envelopes

And awesome argyle thank you cards!

Alas, not a commode in sight! Apparently people in Brookhaven are too fastidious to leave old toilets on their lawns. Boo hiss.

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Bonus Adorable Babby Photo!

At one point we had to stop, park, and feed the babby. Daddy held her up so she could burp, but she wanted to do a little more than that. ::sniff:: They grow up so fast...

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