23 October 2009

Garbatrage, October 2009, Week 3

Welcome to Garbatrage, Week 3!

We found some pretty good stuff this week, even though we only went out on Friday evening. Without further ado, the goods:

Microwave stand type thing. Yes, I picked this thing up and fit it in our trunk. Rawr.

Ya know what I see a lot of? Besides TVs and (usually) commodes? Baskets and flower vases. You should probably not ever give these to people as gifts. They will wind up in the garbage.

Incomplete power tool set.

Rack for boiling water bath canning. I've been reading this book, so I'll probably keep this.

Cool, right? There are four of these. I can't decide how many to keep.

(Again, don't know what's up with some of these photos.) OK, here's the best stuff. Yes, that is a Rugrats puzzle. There were some really crappy puzzles mixed in with these puzzles:

(There's like a little glowing halo around these -- can you see it?) None of these are missing pieces. And there are two number ones. Fabulous. I'm going to make each one its own drawstring bag so we can at least pretend to keep the pieces with their puzzles.

That box also had these (incomplete alphabet puzzle pieces with no board = crafts!)

And these (a wooden, magnetic farm!).

I'm quite sorry to report that once again, there were no commodes. Alright, City of Norman, that is it! I expect to find at least 6 tonight to make up for it! You're on notice.


Jenny said...

Yay for wooden puzzles and canning rack! Nice haul.

Dorathea said...

sweet toys for Lucy!
Never get rid of them (unless you're passing them on to someone else who will use them well).

Katie said...