20 October 2009

Garbatrage, October 2009, Week 2

Welcome to Garbatrage, Week 2. (Sorry about the lack of posts last week -- just couldn't find the time.)

We managed to hit up the town both Friday evening and Saturday morning last week, which explains all the commodes (see below). Apparently people do have some sense of propriety, and wait to set toilets on their lawns until right before the trucks come by to take them away.

Here's the haul:

Several boxes of books and office supplies...

...out of which I saved several old books (for journals), some ledger paper, and a vibrating metal engraver! (I don't know why these photos are doing this... Just turn your head sideways.)

I also put about $80 worth of the books on half.com anf already sold two of them.

Toy lawn mower (for garage sale). Also, a toy xylophone, which I would keep, except that 1.) It somehow is broken in such a way as to be out of tune and therefore plays a minor scale (creepy), and 2.) I want to keep the toy noise level down as long as I can possibly manage.

I also found a little pull toy telephone (like this) that I'm really excited about. Hello, birthday present! But it's already hidden away, so I forgot to take a photo of it.

Never know when you might need these...

Not for our kid...

I found more tiny plant pots than I could ever know what to do with. These should certainly get me started in the spring, wouldn't you say?

We also found these, and since we couldn't fit them in the car, we took a picture of them instead.

OK, now the good stuff -- Commodes!

Now with bonus scummy shower door!

[To see all the commodes collect over the course of two and a half years, see here.]

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Katie said...

Amazing. I love bulk trash day