03 November 2009

Garbatrage, October 2009, Week 4

Well, my friends, the pickin's have been slim. I'm trying to remember what we picked up during week 4. Oh yes, a bunch of stuff for our future garage sale. A set of dishes, some books, and some other stuff.

Of particular note, a set of flatware (Oneida!), which God gave us for our small group. You see, our church small group has a weekly pot luck dinner along with our meetings. We decided this year to stop using disposable dinnerware. I bought some plastic plates and bowls and sewed up some cloth napkins. We have been just washing the plastic forks and spoons, but that wasn't going to fly for very long. Now we have real stuff! (I've been in charge of this because the group is meeting at our house at the moment, but when/if it moves, all the dinnerware will go to the new meeting place.) It looks kinda like this. Just standard silverware.

Also, 12 cement paving stones for edging the garden patch that I'm trying to dig in my backyard. (I was sidelined by my sissiness and a blister on my hand.)

That night (the 4th Friday night) was particularly hard. Babby was not happy -- she cried a lot, and that made things very tense. But we did manage to have some fun:

This painting was facing the other way when I got to it. Upon inspecting the pile, I decided that this was something that really needed to be visible. I turned it around and snapped this photo.

This is the same pile later that night.

That's right -- someone took the painting. Good thing I turned it around!



(So few commodes, compared to past months. I don't know what's up.)


Adrian said...

I'm really enjoying reading about your adventures! All the commodes :)
Now why in the world would anyone just throw away a perfectly good unicorn painting? I just don't understand people these days.

Katie said...

The real question is: Do you now have an awesome unicorn painting in your living room?