20 November 2009

Standard Home Show, with a Twist!

As many of you know, I put on a yearly open house around the holidays to showcase my wares and kinda throw a little party. It's fun! This year's happens to be -- tomorrow!

This year, though, holds in store a special treat. I'm teaming up with my friend, fellow linguist and fellow entrepreneur, Miss Carilyn. She makes the most amazing and gorgeous chocolate truffles ever. She'll be providing truffle samples and taking orders. These truffles are just so pretty -- they'd make an awesome Christmas gift for just about anyone (especially yourself!).

And as always, my handmade goodies will be on display and for sale. My goods are moderately priced (if I do say so myself), and a cute, unique, handmade item also makes a fabulous Christmas present. Some truffles, some crafts -- you've got Christmas under control.

The great thing about the open house is that you can ask us anything! If you're wondering why Carilyn's truffles are so ridiculously tasty, or where I get the vintage fabric I make things out of, the open house is the perfect place to get these things off your chest and learn something new.

*Truffles for eating
*Crafts for buying
*Questions for asking
*Brunchy refreshments!
*Door prize!
*and You (and your friends)

So if you're in the area, but you have yet to receive an invitation, let me know (phile_1013 [at] hotmail.com). See you there!

[See how pretty these truffles are? Carilyn's are prettier.]