10 November 2009

Garbatrage, October 2009, Week 5

Warning: This is about to be the most boring blog post ever. However, if you're the type who must finish things ("Shave and a hair cut..."), then I suppose you'll want to know what happened on the last week of garbatrage.

Well here's the deal -- Norman, Oklahoma, is a horrible place to live sometimes. Like the times when the city police issue what can only be consider an edict, mandating that trick-or-treating occur on Friday, October 30th, because -- wait for it -- there's a football game on Saturday and there'll be too much traffic. It's a freaking holiday! Football should have to move for it.

Consequently, on Friday evening, the decent neighborhoods were overrun by small children in unimaginative costumes and vehicles driven by overprotective but uninvolved parents. Curb shopping is a little hard when you can't see the curb for the minivans.

Blah. OK, the loot:

1.) A giant stack of odd spiritual and astrology books.
2.) A box of toy bits, including a Superman action figure with cape, and a handful of Duplos. (Who the heck throws away Duplos?)
3.) Some random ephemera, including blank Denny's letterhead! (I know -- the oddest things amuse me.)

No commodes, no unicorn paintings, no arcade game cabinets. And again I say, Blah. Boy did we ever go out with a whimper.

*Two bits!


bammers said...

This is not the most boring post ever.

Jenny said...

Too bad the costumes were unimaginative. We had a "disco king" that even danced for us when Joel suggested it.

Duplos are nice, though. quality over quantity, maybe?

Katie said...

They threw away DUPLOS? That's just so wrong.