17 November 2009

Over the River and Through the Woods...

My grandmother (maternal) has decided to downsize her household and move to a retirement community. This is great for her -- she'll be closer to old friends and some family, and she'll have the support she needs as she gets older (she's 81). It is also great for me -- she'll be about 45 minutes closer, which will make quite the difference as it is now my goal to visit her every season until our little family moves away in about 20 months. But it also means that she is liquidating 80 years of awesomeness!

We visited her last Saturday, and she was in a very generous mood. Here are the highlights of my early inheritance.

Cute hankies which were hers when she was young.


(Those two are for chopping.)

(This one is for not chopping. It's currently on the bed in Babby's room.)

::sigh:: I love this. Love it. I'm really into crewel embroidery. (This is not ancestral, but I just don't care.)

This is ancestral. It was my mom's dad's mom's. So cute! And the mushroom salt and pepper shakers are just here to irk my mom. ;-)

We also came home with 7 metal folding chairs, a glass punch bowl with 11 cups and a glass ladle, a ton of lawn and garden tools, a jar of buttons, and several Christmas decorations, which will be fodder for a later post.

We are also attempting to devise a way to bring home some larger furniture. If you are in the area and have a car with a hitch, or an extended cab pickup that we can borrow for a day, we would be forever grateful.


Brigid said...

I love those hankies and the mushroom salt-and-pepper shakers. I'm always jealous of other people's family heirlooms. My aunt has already claimed all the depression glass, so most of what fills my grandmother's house is from the thrift store within the past few years.

mangocheeks said...

Samann, you have a really lovely, honest 'down to earth' blog here. I really like it.
Im reading your posts from teh start and have got this far. I know, I know you have so many, so I will stop when I get tired, which maybe a while as the husband is watching football and I am surfing the web. I am enjoying my time here. It is truly filled with beautiful smiles. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of your humble life.
I love the mushroom S&P shakers too.