15 April 2012

Jessie Lyman's Journals, Part 12

I previously introduced you to my great-great grandmother, Jessie Lyman Eckert.  You can read the first post here, and subsequent post are filed under

Jessie Lyman was born January 2, 1878.  She graduated from Westport High School (Westport, MO, now part of Kansas City) in 1897 at the head of her class.  From what I have read of her diaries so far, it appears she went on to teach school for a couple years in Columbia, MO.  She married Herman Eckert in June of 1899.  On July 26, 1900, she died giving birth to twins Conrad and Cornelia at the age of 22.  Conrad is my mother's mother's father.


Sat, Jan. 1, 1898.

The new year has begun well. This was a beautiful day. We went down to Hinkston Creek to skate. The whole neighborhood was there again. The ice was fine. We skated till we were ready to drop, and then started for our two mile walk home, through cucklebur patches, cornfields, pastures, etc. with once in a while a rail fence to climb by way of variety. We finally dragged our weary feet over the styles and succeeded in reaching the sitting room, where we dropped into the nearest chairs and refused to move except in pursuit of something to satisfy our ravenous appetites. Such a dinner as we did eat! After resting for some time, Forest took Mr. Marshal to town in the buggy. He seemed to have a good time. Francis and Clarence are skating this evening but I begged to be excused for this time.
I got the frame for Herman's picture today. He looks fine in it.

Jan. 2, 1898.

This is my birthday. I am twenty years old and don't feel more than eighteen. Teaching school makes one "age" though. If I spend much more time at it I'll soon be forty.
I didn't go to church today.

Jan. 3d.

This day seemed so long! I am getting a little bit homesick.

Jan. 4th.

I had to keep several boys after school today for skating so far away that they couldn't hear the bell.

Jan. 5th. Wed.

Today passed off more pleasantly. I kept in several children however. I wish I could get a letter from Mamma.
Clarence fell in the pond while putting up ice today.

Jan. 6. Thurs.

Francis fell in today and furnished amusement for the crowd. I went skating this evening.

Fri, Jan. 7.

I got a letter from Herman today.
Aunt Florence went to town today and I rode home from Uncle Wallie's with her. Only 7 more weeks of school!


I corrected her birth year in the intro -- It had said 1877 (according to the family history written by my great-grandfather), but I'm going to trust her word over anything else. 

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