26 April 2012

Three Years of Awesome

This baby I made... She's so big!

My high-needs, clingy, always-nursing, never-sleeping babby has turned into a friendly, social, talkative, insightful, and curious preschooler. 

We weaned about a month and a half ago.  I like snuggling with her a lot better now.

She's never met a stranger.  She only knows what "shy" means because they talked about it on Blue's Clues

Her imagination has really taken off in the last month.  She sometimes spends an hour at a time playing by herself with her toys, making up stories, and she's just recently discovered the concept of the imaginary friend.  (Her first: Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  She has pretended to be other people and to talk to other people -- characters, mostly -- who aren't there, but this was the first time she was herself, and she waited in silence in between her sentences for the imaginary person to finish talking.)

It seems that she's everything I could never be -- isn't that exactly what parents hope for their children?

[A couple weeks ago
[We asked her what she wanted to wear that day. "Cat costume!" was her second choice, after "Chicken costume!"]

Happy Birthday, Lucy!  Here's to the next 3 years and beyond!

Video of Lucy opening a present last year:


Video of Lucy in her playhouse this Easter weekend:

She has so many more words now!! The human brain is a marvel.

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