29 April 2012

Jessie Lyman's Journals, Part 14

I previously introduced you to my great-great grandmother, Jessie Lyman Eckert.  You can read the first post here, and subsequent post are filed under

Jessie Lyman was born January 2, 1878.  She graduated from Westport High School (Westport, MO, now part of Kansas City) in 1897 at the head of her class.  From what I have read of her diaries so far, it appears she went on to teach school for a couple years in Columbia, MO.  She married Herman Eckert in June of 1899.  On July 26, 1900, she died giving birth to twins Conrad and Cornelia at the age of 22.  Conrad is my mother's mother's father. 


Sat, Jan 15, 1898

I mended my underskirt this morning which suffered from a game of "One, two, three little Injuns," with the children the other day.
After I had finished it, I got ready and Clarence and I went to town. I got ribbon and thread for my spool-holder and lace for my handkerchief. I strung up the spool-holder when I got home, and it looks very pretty.
This evening Francis, Aunt Florence and I went to Mrs. Ann Scott's to call but she wasn't at home so we went to Cattie's. She wasn't at home either, but we spent a very pleasant evening. Our experiences with briers, brush piles, rail fences, muddy branches, etc. were quite thrilling. Francis failed to "see the fun" when the briers made lasting impressions on him.

Sun, Jan. 16.

I went to church this morning and heard a good sermon.
Forest received a letter from Papa today and he gave it me to read.
Dr. Parker was very pleasant to me, and seemed glad to see me.
I wonder if Mr. Emmett will be here this evening.
I have been reading all afternoon.
I must write down a name which Aunt Florence told me today. She knew of a boy named William Elderidge Henrico Consalvo Salvado Clayton.

Mon, Jan. 17.

Mr. Emmett did come yesterday evening, and brought me a box of candy.
I finished that handkerchief for Ella at 12 P.M. tonight. It is very pretty.

Tues, Jan. 18.

Francis, Forest and I went to see "Killarney on the Rhine" this evening. It was fine.

Wed, Jan. 19.

I intended to stay all night at Uncle Wallie's tonight, but he got up a party to go to the show, so I came home. Just about the time we were ready to go it began to rain so we didn't go. I was glad we didn't. It was a very bad night. We played games at home.

Thurs, Jan. 20.

I got my box and letter off to Mamma yesterday.
I am going to spend the night at Uncle Wallie's.

[Begin second note book]

1898          Jessie Lyman
Jan. 21.

I had a fine time at Uncle Wallie's last night. Jehu, Uncle Wallie, Aunt Mary, and I played croconole [sic] until twelve o'clock. I haven't laughed so much before since I have been here. We finished breakfast at 8:10 this morning. It was a beautiful morning.
This is Mamma's 52nd birthday.
I got a letter from Herman yesterday which I must answer this evening.
I sang and recited for the children today.


A quick Googling will show that play's name is actually "Killarney and the Rhine", although I'm still not sure what it's about.

That quite pedantic little [sic] is there because the game is spelled "crokinole", which is a board game which is a cross between marbles and shuffleboard.  And apparently there is a recent documentary about the World Crokinole Championship, so there ya go.

Only a few more posts to go!

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