22 May 2012

"Last Minute Estate Sale"

"Last Minute Estate Sale" -- that's what the Craigslist ad said.  As it was less than a block from my house, of course I was out the door almost immediately.

This was a digging kind of sale.  It seemed the house had been vacant but full of stuff for some time.  Everything was in boxes.  It also seemed as if relatives of the deceased were there with the sole purpose of getting rid of everything before putting the house on the market soon.  The guy was very chatty and exuberant about his pieces.  All that to say... I loved this sale!

$14 later, all of the following plus some was all mine:

[Contact paper! And I discovered today that my circle paper punch will cut through this stuff.  Hello, envelope seals!]

[Vintage Pyrex divided casserole.  I guess I didn't take photos of the covered rectangular snowflake motif one I got at a thrift store the other week, eh?  My dreams of becoming a vintage Pyrex collector are coming true!]

[Vase. I dunno... I just like it! Teal is my color.]

[This thing!  It's actually two nightstands, and the top one is missing its legs.  I saw it and I thought it was cute, but I wasn't sure where I would put it.  The guy was like, "It's only five dollars!" and I was like, "Ehhhh... I don't have room for it."  Then he totaled up my other stuff to $7, which seemed perfectly reasonable to me (hello, the Pyrex!), and then said, "Ten dollars if you take the drawers too!"  I'm a sucker.]

 [Musty as heck!  That's crumpled newsprint sprayed with vinegar.  Oughta take care of the smell in a couple days.]

In case you're wondering about the discrepant math, I paid $10 for the drawer and some of the other stuff.  Then when I went back with the car to pick up the drawers, I found some other stuff.  See?  Sucker.


Katie said...

Here's my question: Why is 99.9% of new pyrex so boring? It makes me sad. Estate sale WIN! for you.

Jessie said...

I don't know, Katie! We're in a pretty minimalist phase for dishware these days, but you'd think we could at least get some stripes or dots or something!

On the other hand, I will be avoiding buying any new Pyrex. They changed their glass formula several years back, and there have been a lot of reports of Pyrex dishes shattering when their temperature changes quickly (like if something that was just in the oven is accidentally placed on some water). So snatch up that vintage stuff when you see it!