08 June 2012

Busy Bag #2: Magnetic Pompoms

This summer to coincide with our (definitely one, possibly two) epic road trip(s), I am making busy bags for Lucy.  See the others by clicking here.

Next up, magnetic pompoms!  (I think that should technically be "pompons", but do I look like I care? I have a linguistics degree! Down with prescriptivism!)


cookie sheet -- Dollar Tree (see Busy Bag #1)
cosmetics case -- garage sale
three packages of pompoms -- Dollar Tree
cheapo thin craft magnets -- my stash (that's crafting stash, not mustache)
hot glue and gun -- my second desk drawer down on the right

[In progress]

I had all these random strips of thin cheapo craft magnet.  I toyed with the idea of buying tiny little rare earth magnets, but they're kind of expensive, and it just seemed like overkill for this project.  Since there's nothing between the magnet and the cookie sheet, this works just fine. 

So -- cut up the magnets into little pieces with the crappiest scissors you have.  (No sense ruining good ones!)  Heat up the glue gun and go to town!

[Carrying case]

I bought three packages of pompoms because those were the three different sets of colors (basic, neon, and pastel). I only used about half of them.

And the end result.  See, you can make little pictures or patterns with them, and they stay where you put them!

I got the idea here. (Notice that I am not including any of the printouts. Open-ended is the name of the game here!)

There's also a non-zero probability that these will end up being thrown around the car at people's heads.  Oh well.

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