15 June 2012

Busy Bag #4: Button Snake

This summer to coincide with our (definitely one, possibly two) epic road trip(s), I am making busy bags for Lucy.  See the others by clicking here.

This idea is fairly simple.  I found it a lot when I was searching Pinterest for busy bag ideas.  It's actually the most "close-ended" (?? -- as opposed to open-ended) activity I've got lined up for Lucy.  But she does need practice buttoning things. :-)


*squares of felt
*grosgrain ribbon
*2 large buttons
(all from my stash)

I started by sewing a button to each end of the length of ribbon.  I folded the ribbon over and did a lot of stitching to make sure it's sturdy.


Then I made the felt shapes.  You can cut out the felt into all different shapes (I even saw a fall leaves themed one!), but I decided to go the easiest and quickest route and just cut out a bunch of squares.   Then I cut a slit in the middle of each felt piece by folding them in half and cutting the slit with scissors.  (I did only one first to make sure the slit was the right size for the buttons.)

Then it's up to the kid to slide each piece of felt over the button and onto the ribbon.  I suppose if you wanted to be all fancy you could have the kid do color patterns or whatever.

And all the pieces fit in a little mesh cosmetics bag I found at a garage sale.

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