19 June 2012

Busy Bag #5: Hardware

This summer to coincide with our (definitely one, possibly two) epic road trip(s), I am making busy bags for Lucy.  See the others by clicking here.

I don't really know what else to call this one!  It's actually more like a busy book page than it is like a busy bag.  Well... just look!


grosgrain ribbon (stash)
felt (stash)
zipper (stash)
buckle, carabiner (thrift store)
lock & key, LED flashlight key chain (Dollar Tree)

See? Flashlight! She'll love that. The little LED part on the end actually detaches from the rest of the plastic, tethered with a string that snaps it back into place.

And the lock & key. It's kind of tricky. Hopefully that will inspire persistence, not whining. Time will tell.

I chose a zipper from my stash that has 1.) a large pull, and 2.) stoppers at the top as well as the bottom. These things could have been fixed with some tinkering, but why take the time when I can just pick a better zipper?

The carabiner and the buckle were both on promotional-type lanyards at the thrift store.  I just cut the old lanyards off and replaced them with fun ribbon.

I sewed everything to a piece of felt, then sewed that piece of felt to another piece of felt.  It kind of folds up like a book, but the lock is so heavy that it's very floppy.  So of course I just put it into another pencil pouch!