29 June 2012

Lego Emergency!

I promised you one more busy bag-like project.  And here it is!

I was cruising Pinterest, looking for any packing/moving/road trip with kids tips I hadn't seen before, and lo and behold, this is the only thing I came up with.  Wow. 

But it is awesome!  I thought I was done making stuff, but I had to jump up and make one of these immediately (instead of washing the dishes like I really should have been doing). 

The idea comes from here.  They call it a "mini lego playset", but come on now.  That really doesn't do it justice.  So I'm going to call it a "Lego Emergency!"  (With the exclamation point. I'm taking my cues from the Oklahoma state legislature.)

Side story: Last year when we were moving, 'round about the third day of driving, Lucy was whining from the back seat that she was sooo hungry, even though we'd just eaten not that long ago.  She said she wanted some peanut butter.  She was being so dramatic about it that we asked her if she was having a peanut butter emergency.  Then somehow that turned into a kid's show theme song called "Peanut Butter Emergency Robot!" Don't think about it too hard. Road trip logic. So now we call the snack known to most people as "peanut butter and crackers" a "peanut butter emergency."

Anyway, I made one and it looks like this.

 [I used a Sucrets box instead of an Altoids tin.]

I had a small stash of boring Legos that I had found in a dumpster.  I was saving them for crafting, but I never craft with them. Except for right now.  Then I asked Norman if I could raid his stash from when he was a kid for some more interesting pieces (minifigs, steering wheels, etc, etc). 

I glued the flat pieces to the top using E-6000 as the link suggests. It seems like it's going to hold really well!

I think I'll save this one for my purse for special circumstances (restaurants, weddings, etc).

[Rubber band so I don't have a real Lego Emergency all over my purse.]


Marie said...

Oh, that's brilliant! Almost makes me wish I had kids so I'd have an excuse to carry it around. :)

Dorathea Maynard said...

Oh, my that's...Marie had the word: brilliant.