11 April 2006

One for me, one for you...

Two tablecloths from eBay, now two skirts. This one turned out soooo much better than I expected it would. I inherited this really wide stretchy lace stuff from my great-grandma, so I deciced I would try to use it as a waistband, ala the t-shirt material people use for the same purpose on Craftster. Oh did it ever work. The skirt can be worn high or low, and since it was a square tablecloth, it's all gypsy and pointy at the bottom. This one is for you. It's for sale at my Etsy shop.

This, however, is the reason I bought the lot of tablecloths in the first place. This tablecloth was destined to be a skirt from its creation. I mean, look at it. I decided to put a zipper in it instead of an elastic waistband so it would be longer. The trim on the bottom used to be major fringe, but I sort of cut it off. Which left some other trim. I can't really describe the process, but that extra trim is also for sale at my Etsy shop. But this skirt isn't. To quote Dr. House, "It's mine. You can't have any."

So inappropriate...

No, that's not a baby girl's headband. That would be my wedding garter. And no, you will not be getting a picture of it being modeled. I love the tradition of the garter toss. My parents think it's "tacky". My future brother-in-law is dead set against it. But I like it. And my fiance likes it. So it's all good.

I decided to make my own because, first of all, I can, and secondly, all the ones you can buy are so boring, all shiny and lacy and light blue. Gag. Tartan and eyelet is soooo much cooler. I was actually thinking of making more crazy/interesting/not cheesy garters and selling them on Etsy. Ya know, some black lace, some paisley, some corduroy. Okay, maybe not corduroy. What do you think?

Meet Nina

This is Nina. She's my new sewing machine. I got her off eBay as a graduation present. Isn't she beautiful? All metal. Oh yeah. She can do all sorts of things my trusty but limited 1959 Singer can't. She's just like the one I've been using at work for the last 2 years, so I know all about what she can do and how to take care of her.

Here is her ridiculous collection of feet for doing different things. She also came with more needles than I'll ever use in a lifetime, and oil, and screwdrivers and things.

And here is her house. She, and her table extension, and her accessory case all fit in there!

She's just amazing, and she'll probably still be working years after I die.