18 November 2006

As promised...

Pimp My Stocking, part II

Here is my brand new, super-fabulous, retro, kitchy-chic Christmas stocking. I know my mother will probably think to herself something like, "She'd rather have this than her old one??" Yes. Yes I would. First of all, it's corduroy, and you just can't go wrong with corduroy. Second, it says my name on it. My old one said "Jessica". People only call me that when they have no idea who I am and are reading my name off a list of some kind.

The corduroy is all scraps (hence the crazy-quilt nature of the stocking) that I got from a giant box of mostly corduroy scraps for $3 in Minnesota two summers ago. It's just the most wonderful stuff ever. See that print in the middle of the stocking? The tan with flowers? (I know, you can't see it very well.) Yeah, I have that piece, and another piece slightly larger. I wish I had yards upon yards of it. I love it. So I decided to immortalize it in the stocking.

Here's the back, the loop, the inside, and my hand. It doesn't have a pocket like Norman's. It's so awesome, I don't think it could have handled a pocket.

So, there you have it. Now I can start working on Christmas presents. Sadly, those probably won't be up on the blog until after Christmas. Never fear, faithful reader (and I do mean that in the singular), I have self-diagnosed CADD (Craft Attention Deficit Disorder), so I'll probably be making other things too.

15 November 2006

Pimp My Stocking

I've just completed Norman's new Christmas stocking. It's made out of neckties. We're starting afresh -- new family, new stockings. Mostly, this is because I hate mine from childhood. I actually kinda wish I had one like my mom's. It's pretty sweet. But I don't have a picture of that. Or my old one. Or my new one, because I haven't made it yet. But what I do have is a picture of Norman's new one. Here ya go:

I satin stitched his name on with my sewing machine. It's not quite as elegant as I would have liked, but the other alternative would be to pay $10 to have it done professionally on a monogram machine. And I'm cheap. Here's the inside:

Yep, that's a pocket. Norman requested it. He figured as long as I was making a stocking from scratch, it might as well be pimped out (my words, not his).

Also, the little loop to hang it from is made out of a necktie tag. Yeah. Totally pimped.

Mine's going to be corduroy. I'll post pics when it's done.

08 November 2006

Bartering - a throwback to a simpler time

K Mac asked me last Friday if I could make her a purse. I said "Well yeah, that's what I do." Not really. I said something along the lines of "Probably. What did you have in mind?" Well, we worked it out, and in the end, I'm one jar of natural, no-sweatener-added applesauce richer, and as soon as I give her the purse, she'll be one awesome clutch wristlet richer. Woohoo! Norman calls this "Double Coincidence of Wants". Kelly and I call it bartering. Here's the purse:

And here's the applesauce:

Hooray, bartering!

03 November 2006

Magic Sticker Maker

While I was in Minnesota, I mentioned that I was thinking about buying a Xyron sticker maker. My 16-year-old brother Henry piped up and said "I still have Jake's old one that he left me. I never use it. You want it?" He got it out, and lo and behold, it's an older version of the Xyron 250, which they apparently used to bill as the "Magic Sticker Maker". All signs point to the fact that a Xyron 250 refill cartridge will fit in it. I'm very excited.

Sticker maker:

Here are some stickers I made out of some vintage wallpaper that I cut up:

And here's a fabric sticker (Ooooo, ahhhhh...)

If I were you, I would expect the amount of stickers produced to increase dramatically, and then I would expect to see them for sale in sets and in card-making kits on my Etsy shop. But that's just me.

02 November 2006

Thrifty Goodness

I went to Minnesota last week. Traveling to towns you aren't usually in is a great way to clean up at the local thrift stores. It's all new to you. Here's my inventory from the Fairmont, MN Salvation Army and the Mankato, MN Salvation Army:

33 zippers in original packaging - 5 cents each on sale
3 crewel embroidery kits and a calico flower making kit (for sale at My Etsy Shop)
pink paisley shirt (it's a lot cuter than it sounds) - free
denim-y colored long-sleeved tee - $2
shirt for Norman - $2.50
assorted vintage fabric
bag of approx. 20 neck ties - $4.50 (for Norman's new Christmas stocking - pictures to come)
5 embroidered ladies' handkerchiefs - $1.25
Twin flat sheet that looks like a Twister mat
Assorted cotton thread (plan to use for tatting)
approx. 50 vintage envelopes - $1.00
other assorted envelopes - crazy cheap (can't remember)
145 travel sewing kits - $4.50 - They look like big matchbooks. I'm going to put my website on them and give them out -- like business cards but better.
assorted lace and findings, including D rings and some tailor's chalk (yay!)
book for turning into a journal

But the best thing ever is the dark gray, wool, perfect fit, silver buttons, pea coat that I got for -- that's right -- free. It had a red tag. Apparently Thursday, Oct 26 was Red-Tags-Are-Free Day. Minnesotans are crazy.

Needless to say, there's quite a bit of crafting that will result from this bounty. I have a much more reliable computer now, so I'll try to keep you updated.