26 April 2013


Lucy is 4 today! What?? I've been waiting a year and a half to be able to do this for Lucy, after seeing it over at SortaCrunchy, so now I'm finally, shamelessly stealing the idea from her.

This is the song.

Here is Lucy's birth story.

I'm sittin' here 
 I'm one day old

And I'm sittin' here
I'm two days old

I'm sittin' here
I'm three days old

And I'm sittin' here
I'm four days old.

One day I'll be a year

Then I'll be two

Then three

Then four

But as for now I'm sittin' here
I'm five days old, and no days more.

Happy Birthday, Lucy!

14 April 2013


I spent $85 at an educational supply website the other day.  Part of me was like "85 dollars???" and part of me was like "::shrug:: Gotta spend money to be awesome."

What that $85 dollars got me:

*10 pounds of tempera paint powder (1 pound each of 10 different colors)
*168 colored wooden dominoes
*500 stick-on googly eyes
*One of these (cork board, hammer, tacks, and wooden shapes with holes in the middles.)
*a set of fabric markers (for Lucy's birthday festivities, the details of which will be coming in approximately 2 weeks)

Here's what I immediately did with the googly eyes:

Then Norman did some, then Lucy did some. Then I put some up at the rink where I ice skate every week. And in our car. And then Norman and Lucy put some more on some rocks outside.  Our house is so much happier!  (Apparently this activity is call Vandaleyes, and there is a website.) 

Lucy and I have also played with the dominoes. Good for counting/number/math practice, good for setting up and knocking over, and they also make good building blocks.

I plan to use the tempera paint powder to do all kinds of awesome Pinterest-y type activities.  Essentially, you can use it to make paint, or to sprinkle on and mix into various liquid and viscous substances -- pretty much it's like food coloring, but more awesome and less edible.  (That last part is probably not true, actually. It's just not made to be eaten.)

I started a new blog to catalog what Lucy does each day, so any of these projects we do are going to end up over there. Go subscribe if you want to see!