05 January 2013

Christmas 2012

It's the Twelfth Day of Christmas, so I'm just fitting this in under the wire!  (We go to an Episcopal church now, so it's totally allowed.) 

We had Christmas!  Lucy is now 3.5, so she was way more into it this year than any time previous.  And she has chosen to believe in Santa Claus, even though we do absolutely nothing to encourage (or discourage) that.  She's also old enough to listen to and start to comprehend stories from the Jesus Storybook Bible, so we followed this plan for the duration of Advent.  Lucy also decided that the nativity set was just more toys for her to play with. (Should have seen that one coming!)

In the spirit of our spend-time-and-money-proportional-to-how-much-you-care philosophy, we spent all of 15 minutes taking our Christmas card photos (including getting Lucy dressed). 

Lucy was an angel in the Christmas Eve pageant.

We helped set up for the Norman Community Christmas Dinner.

Our own Christmas dinner consisted of roast chicken, green salad, soft pretzels, mashed potatoes, gravy, and champagne. 

Lucy got Scotch tape in her stocking. She was super excited!

I made Norman another shirt.

Norman bought me a book for those who are questioning.

Then on Saturday we had Christmas with Norman's parents and siblings. 

Lucy's uncle designed and created this bear blanket for her!  (It rolls up into a bear.)

Norman got some sonic screwdrivers.

And I got a dress form!  I still can't believe it!

And I made hot pizza dip, which I can now highly recommend!

Yeah, that pretty much covers it.  Oh, except for the part where the weatherpeople were predicting this big crazy snow storm for Christmas Day, and then it just iced and sleeted and then snowed a little.  But then a couple days later, they said we might get some flurries, and it snowed like 4 inches!  They were a little confused.  Merry Christmas!