30 March 2006

Busy-ness Cards

So, I just made myself some business cards. They have my Etsy shop's web address on them. I'm pretty impressed with them. And with myself. They look pretty darn nice. I'm going to stick them in when I mail things I've sold on Etsy, and also leave them randomly at cafes and things. Just to see what happens. Annie's printer is surprisingly okay with cardstock. Cool. I know, you're all thinking "But, but, but... I want to see the wonderfulness!" Well, too bad. I tried, but my digital camera is farsighted. Drat.

26 March 2006

Meet Buford

Ok, so I lied. This is actually going to be a craft and thrifting/rummaging/junking blog. Therefore, I present to you Buford. He's my new briefcase. I found him at the local Goodwill for $2.00. His name is Buford because his ID label says he once belonged to one Buford L. Allen of Las Vagas, Nevada. On the bottom he has an imprint that says he's the property of the US government, but we all know that's not true, now don't we? Anyway, he's in fairly good condition for how old I suppose he is, and he smells just heavenly on the inside. Like old record albums, I think. And books. Just rather musty in a wonderful way. Oh yeah, and I bought him for my fiance under the pretense that he would need Buford when he starts grad school in the fall, but I'm falling more in love with Buford every hour. I guess we'll see about that.

25 March 2006

"We named the monkey Pants..."

I free-handed the guitar logo. :-)

Finished the Monkee pants. :-D

Tweet Tweet

Bought these at a garage sale... oh, about a month ago, I suppose. They're very well done. I'm thinking zippered pouches, maybe. They're my new thing. The crazy thing is, I think I have the kit that these came from. I bought that at the Salvation Army in Fairmont, MN, and now it's for sale at my Etsy shop. If only crewel embroidery were still this cool, maybe they would make kits that actually had designs that wouldn't blind you. Like these: http://www.woolandhoop.com/. Except they're really tiny. Oh well.

Violence to Books

Now, normally I would not advocate any kind of violence toward books. I love books. In fact, I love the idea of books more than I actually love reading them. But in some cases, the craftiness wins over love of books. And in this particular case, the book Step Lively, published in 1955, fell victim. It was (may it rest in peace) a book for children about health, safety, and generally getting along with people. But it has the best illustrations! And it was a dollar. And now there are notecards. Like the one above (probably my favorite). They're in my Etsy shop, and there are about 6 different ones. More book death ("repurposing") to come.

"What's going on here?"

Crafts. Yep. That's right. Here I will (semi)regularly post about crafts I'm making, crafts I'm thinking about making, craft supply steals, and the occasional "wow I could never do that" post about someone else. Good times. Oh, and I'm in the middle of planning a mostly DIY wedding. That'll probably come up.