20 February 2007

Jumpin' on in...

So I did it. I jumped in with both feet. I signed up for a craft fair. I paid a stranger for the right to try to sell my creations to a bunch of middle-aged Normanite women. Oh dear.

Here's a list of what I intend to have available (the fair is 31 March):
~Jewelry Scrolls
~lavender sachets
~assorted note cards
~zippered pouches
~vinyl record bowls
~possibly some other minor things

I'm hoping that my relatively "fresh" take on things will set me apart, and that the fact that I'm a little more toned down than most of my "indie" comrads will keep me from alienating said middle-aged women.

So the question is... What am I doing writing a blog post??? I've got to get to work!