26 January 2009

Baby Shower #1

Long time, no blog! (Does anyone read this when I do update it?)

On Saturday the dear ladies of the Oklahoma Etsy Street Team had a team meeting/baby shower for Lucy and me! (Oh, in case you haven't heard, our Bun is a girl named Lucy. She'll be here around the end of April.) Here are some photos from the meeting:

Claudia and Brigid, our fearless leader.

Heather, Jenny's friend, Jenny, and Adrian

Claudia had everyone play a game -- you chew a few pieces of bubble gum, and then use the gum to make a baby sculpture. Then I got to be the judge! :-)

Number 18 won, mostly because I just really wanted someone to make a fetus out of their bubble gum.

I also received a bunch of lovely, handmade gifts! Here they are:

100% cotton crocheted washcloths from Brigid. (I was [still am] going to make myself some!)

Flannel receiving blankets from Heather (not handmade, but ripe for the handmaking, and so cute!).

Zipper pouch from Adrian. She said that even though she knew the baby's a Lucy, she thought the nickname Bun was so cute that she put that instead. I love it!

Cotton/minky washcloths, and a recycled t-shirt burp cloth from Claudia. (The burp cloth is soooooo soft...)

Also, Jenny promised to make me a baby sling. Perfect!

And if this weren't all awesome enough, the meeting/shower took place at an adorable and highly tasty little place in the city called Cuppies and Joe. They make an incredible mocha breve, and delicious cupcakes, and their building is an old Craftsman-style bungalow that is just perfect. Go check them out.

Thanks for putting this together, Claudia!