11 December 2012

Two Shows Down; One to Go!

Home show / open house -- check!
Deluxe -- check!

The home show was a fun event, but a moderate success.  My friend Jen did great, because her stuff is adorable!  She makes jewelry and accessories from leather scraps, which makes them, in my opinion, perfect because they're feminine without being too girly.


Our friends generously hosted again in their House of the Spacious Front Rooms. (I don't know if they have a name they call their house, but I think they should seriously consider that one.)

[New this year -- puzzle piece magnets!  Some of them even have glitter.]

Then this last weekend I did Deluxe again.  I'm not gonna lie -- when we found out for sure we were moving back to Oklahoma, after initial feelings of hopelessness and disappointment, I had two excited thoughts: "Book sale!" and "Deluxe!!"

Deluxe is the best, most fun show I've done, and it's consistently awesome.


And I feel like my booth setup is really gettin' good.  I've been working on height, and I think I'm making good headway in that department.

[Tiny dresser for displaying sachets for your dresser!  I'm in love with my own idea.]

I sold a ton of stuff!  I must of sold about half the magnets, most of the yearbook sticker sets, and I sold out of floppy disk journals.  They always say you can never tell what will sell and what won't from year to year and show to show, and it is so true!  It seemed like nobody was touching those floppy journals with a ten-foot pole before, but on Saturday they all got snapped up.  ::shrug::

[I had Lucy put business cards in my business card holder. ...Norman fixed it later.]

Story time!  One lovely lady visited my booth, and upon looking at the yearbook stickers, started saying, "I know her!!  That's Betty Miller*! Oh, it's Kathy Smith*! This is our class!"  I explained to her that I use old yearbooks, and she explained to me that she was Norman High, class of 1967, and that a bunch of them still live in the area and hang out.  Then she called her friends and told them they had to come see this.  When she came back she had about five of her friends with her -- they were so excited!  More name naming -- they thought is was just the funniest thing ever.  And then one of the ladies bought 4 packages.  LOL.  They just made my day!

Also, I've been taking this up all over Facebook, but if you need to take money from people in person on a regular or semi-regular basis, and you have a smartphone, you need a Square.  Easiest thing to use ever, and the fees are beyond reasonable. They're downright cheap, compared to all of the other ways to accept credit card payments at the point of sale.  I love living in the future!!

 [Getcha some!]

Up next: Junk Hippy!  It's a handmade and vintage show, so I'll have about twice as much inventory as normal, crammed into the same size booth. ::nervous laugh:: Yeaahh.... We'll see how that goes.  Should be fun, though!

*Names completely made up by me in the style of women who graduated high school in 1967.