16 October 2014

A Small Purse (what??)

I need a small purse. Just to hold my phone, some cash, some cards. This has never happened before. I love, love, love my giant TARDIS-like purses. It is very important that I carry everything I could possibly need with me at all times. But I will soon be traveling to a theme park, and I just really needed something for just my valuables (everything else will be left in the stroller). And I don't have anything small because I love my big purse and I'm not some sporty sorority girl on her way to the gym with just her keys, her phone, and her student ID. (In my head these are the only people who need tiny tiny purses.)

So I searched around on Etsy and Amazon, and of course I found things that would work okay, but weren't exactly what I wanted and/or weren't in my price range. So of course, I was like, "I'll just make one!" But like, all of the sudden. With almost no plan. Because that is how I roll.

I followed this tutorial (VERY helpful for figuring out the intricacies of layering for the double zippers). And of course, as I sat in my craft room and thought, "Hmm...what kind of color scheme or design should I pick?" the only thing my brain came up with was "SHERLOCK."

I used my leftover skirt fabric, some maroon for the lining, and yellow zippers and ribbon (because of the smiley face). It's perfect and I love it. Big enough to hold everything but not unwieldy. It can clip onto my belt loop (preferred), or onto the adjustable strap I made for it (plan B for my belt-loop-less low rise maternity pants [no I'm not pregnant -- low rise maternity pants are comfy and stylish]).

And although I wasn't actually trying, because trying seemed like a giant hassle that probably wouldn't work right anyway, the pattern actually does match pretty nicely on the front! Woot!

29 June 2014

Sherlock Wallpaper Skirt

Hello, there! I've been tremendously absent, haven't I? Well, I finally made a thing.

I started watching BBC's Sherlock last fall, and we finished up season 2 a couple weeks (I guess?) before the new season premiered on January 1. And uh, then I got on Tumblr, and then I watched season 3, and uh... let's just say almost all my free time in the last 6 months has been taken up by watching, reading about, or thinking about BBC Sherlock .

Oh, and also occasionally crafting about it. Fandom crafting has always been my favorite. I get very inspired, and it helps me deal with my overwhelming feelings of love and devotion. I've got 1960s Batman-themed jewelry that you've never seen. It can get quite serious.

So I saw a photo of a lady at a Sherlock fan con wearing a skirt that looks vaguely like the one I'm about to show you, and I was like, "OMG this is what I need. I must have it. And oh yeah, Spoonflower exists, and I can get fabric printed with pretty much any pattern I can imagine, BLESS."

Ta da!

It's lined. The waistband is made of part of an old t-shirt I had.

I didn't use a pattern (I hate patterns). I measured based off another skirt I have, and then did some very sketchy geometry that I then had to amend once I had the fabric all laid out because I'd done some of it wrong. That's pretty much how I roll when crafting, you may have noticed.

It's got yellow graffiti, like the wall in 221B.

[Except I did SH+JW instead of a smiley face because those two idiots are in love and they're going to grow old together and be happy forever. ::cough::]

I'm quite proud of myself.