05 March 2009

"The Birth Kit", or "I Don't Want to Know"

(I bought a Rocky and Bullwinkle VHS tape at a book sale over the weekend. Thus the title.)

So it turns out, when you decide to have a baby at your house (or at the midwives' office/house), there are a few things you're gonna need. Things that hospitals just kinda have (and then charge you an arm and a leg for using). You have to call up a company that sells home birthing supplies and have them ship you a box of stuff. Medical-type stuff. (The contents of which are predetermined by the midwives.) Today that box arrived at my house.

At first, I wasn't going to open it. Then I thought, "Maybe I should open it and check to make sure everything's there." Then, after opening it, I looked at the invoice and thought, "Haha... I probably couldn't identify half these things if I wanted to, and thus cannot check to make sure everything is here."

And honestly, I don't want to know. And the box smelled kinda... doctor-y. So I didn't really dig around in the box.

However, these were sitting right on top:

Awwwwww! Baby hats! :-)