13 June 2006

Hostess Gifts

Told ya -- wedding stuff. Seven lovely ladies threw a bridal shower for me a couple weeks ago. These are the gifts I gave each of them. There's a votive candle holder with beaded ribbon trim, a red toile lavender sachet, and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. :-) They all came in a Chinese take out boxes I found at Michael's.

For da bling

I made this jewelry holder at the request of my former roommate. It was a first attempt, and I think I could improve on it. I might try one of these days. It has canvas flaps for earrings, plastic rings to string necklaces and bracelets through, and a zippered pouch for odds and ends. It hangs, and also rolls up for travel. I'm pretty proud of it, but it could definitely be better.

Llama Llama Duck

Ya know that internet short "The Llama Song"? (Well, you should. Go here.) I found these appliqued and embroidered fabric squares at an estate sale. They were in this order when I found them. There are also these:

I'm thinking handbags, but who knows?