29 June 2014

Sherlock Wallpaper Skirt

Hello, there! I've been tremendously absent, haven't I? Well, I finally made a thing.

I started watching BBC's Sherlock last fall, and we finished up season 2 a couple weeks (I guess?) before the new season premiered on January 1. And uh, then I got on Tumblr, and then I watched season 3, and uh... let's just say almost all my free time in the last 6 months has been taken up by watching, reading about, or thinking about BBC Sherlock .

Oh, and also occasionally crafting about it. Fandom crafting has always been my favorite. I get very inspired, and it helps me deal with my overwhelming feelings of love and devotion. I've got 1960s Batman-themed jewelry that you've never seen. It can get quite serious.

So I saw a photo of a lady at a Sherlock fan con wearing a skirt that looks vaguely like the one I'm about to show you, and I was like, "OMG this is what I need. I must have it. And oh yeah, Spoonflower exists, and I can get fabric printed with pretty much any pattern I can imagine, BLESS."

Ta da!

It's lined. The waistband is made of part of an old t-shirt I had.

I didn't use a pattern (I hate patterns). I measured based off another skirt I have, and then did some very sketchy geometry that I then had to amend once I had the fabric all laid out because I'd done some of it wrong. That's pretty much how I roll when crafting, you may have noticed.

It's got yellow graffiti, like the wall in 221B.

[Except I did SH+JW instead of a smiley face because those two idiots are in love and they're going to grow old together and be happy forever. ::cough::]

I'm quite proud of myself.