24 March 2008

Craft Fair

I'll be selling at another craft fair this weekend! It's the same Spring Cleveland County show I did last year, except this time, there will be upwards of 10 Etsy sellers there hawking their wares! I myself will be sharing a booth with 2 other sellers (RaggedyPageant/VintageGardenKnits and Jemellia). Other sellers who will be there:


What can you expect from me? Record bowls, book journals, board game coasters, some awesome new pouches, and cute new push pin sets, among other things. So come on out and see us!

Oh, I almost forgot -- if my sweet face isn't enough to get you to show, we'll be handing out sweet Etsy goodie bags!

21 March 2008

My Super Self

A friend has started a series of blog posts about the SuperHero incarnations of herself and some friends, and hey -- I'm one of them!

You can find the first installment here, and the second installment (where I show up) here.

Good times!

Oh, and here is a mock-up of what I probably look like in the story:

(Created at this awesome website)

18 March 2008

Everyone needs to know about this

Just a quick post to tell you to go here when you have a spare afternoon. AWESOME.

Also check out the site's amazing gallery.

15 March 2008

The grass is always greener...

Or so the saying goes. Well, in our case, it is actually, literally true.

Ya see that? Yeah. Our lawn is on the left. Our landlords are great. They're very conscientious about the property -- they fix things promptly and keep things up so that they don't get run down. This includes taking care of the lawn, which is great in the summer when we don't have to mow our own lawn. However, it also means that they spray. They spray to kill the "weeds". And whoever owns the property on the other side of our fence isn't quite so conscientious. But look how much prettier the lawn looks!

Now, let me just look here and see how the word "weed" is defined...

Ah yes, here we are:
"1. a. A plant considered undesirable, unattractive, or troublesome, especially one growing where it is not wanted, as in a garden."

Hmm. Kind of a toublesome definition, isn't it? It's not really a definition at all! It's a license to write your own definition.

Well my definition of a pretty lawn is one in which things are growing. But what do I know? I'm just a hippie.

In other news, while making Norman's birthday cake on Thursday, I got cake batter on the ceiling. Cool, huh?

13 March 2008

A Day in the Life...

"What the heck does she do all day?" some of you may ask. Well, that's none of your business.

But I'll tell you anyway. (Hooray, grace!) For example, yesterday, I painted a cardboard cake box pink so I can put donuts in it on Saturday so I can pretend that I live in Twin Peaks, WA.

Then I attended a free Arbor Day picnic on campus.
Thumbs up on the coleslaw and potato salad. Thumbs way, way down on the "hamburger patty", which I removed from the bun after two bites and replaced with the coleslaw. Mmmm...

Free food, mediocre jazz ensemble, and a (no doubt) sappy speech that I didn't stick around for.

Then I went to a sale at the Geology College library and bought 12 funky elevation (or something) maps for $3. The librarian was very nice to me. Apparently no one ever buys the maps when they try to sell them.

Then I arrived home to find that, after an 18 month or so absence, Alchemy is back on Etsy! Oh, happy day! This is pretty much the best feature ever featured on a website. You should go check it out.

Then I did chores (including laundry).

Then I made a lasagna which I neglected to take a picture of. Now the leftovers are in the freezer. Sorry.
I used the cheese I made by leaving raw milk out at room temperature for a few days (see my previous post on this subject). It was amazingly tasty. As this website says,

"What you see is the milk solids called curds and and the liquid called whey. That's right, like in the nursery rhyme. And she was eating them, so they must be OK."

So true.

Then I called my mother.

Then I worked on some crafts in progress.

Yes, other things happened over the course of the day, but these are the highlights. Aren't you sorry you asked?

01 March 2008

Dinosaurs are Sooooo Coooool...

Today I was itching to create, so I made this:

It reminds me of Ross Gellar. It used to be a really long, really weird nightgown/sweatshirt/sleeper thing. It wasn't mine, so that only leaves one other person who could have owned this before I turned it into a tote bag... (cough*Norman*cough) I envision it holding crayons and a coloring book, or children's books from the library. Guess I'll be holding on to this one for a while.

I also made something edible, but I can't show it to you until the person I made it for sees it in person. :-)