About Me

Yes, this is my "wedding day".
Why, hello there! I'm Jessie, and this is my little corner of the internet. 

Happy hippies

Here, in order of relative importance, is a list of who I am (given that such a thing is even possible):

* Christian
* Partner/wife
* Attached mother
* Unschooler
* Real food cook
* Dumpster-diving, thrift-store-shopping, using-it-up, making-it-do money and resource stretcher
* Crafter
* Entrepreneur
* TV show lover
* Book reader
* Lazy gardener

And, of course, assorted other things. But those are the main ones.

We can't help it -- we're from Oklahoma.
My hope for this blog is that it will teach you some valuable skills, showcase the fun and beauty of my simple life, and inspire you to be craftier!

I write book reviews of all the books I read and post them as Facebook notes.  You can read them here.